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[HPC]3 2012

The Second Annual HPC3 Workshop took place February 4-8, at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), in Saudi Arabia. Workshop participants heard many exciting presentations on state-of-the-art code development, including sophisticated packages for code generation.

The workshop was sponsored by the research group of David Ketchesen, faculty in the Mathematical and Computer Sciences and Engineering Division at Kaust.

The main theme of the workshop was open source code for solving hyperbolic PDEs, with special emphasis on PyClaw, a Python code based on Clawpack. The workshop also involved actual work. Most of the participants were heavily involved in working groups in which actual coding took place. Many codes were discussed in the workshop,

Below are some links that may be of interest to the GEMRES community

  • The HPC3 Workshop web page, including presentations.
  • Learn about KAUST, and the Numerics group at Kaust
  • The open source finite element package FEniCS
  • PyClaw, a Python version of Clawpack suitable for HPC.
  • Tree-based adaptive mesh refinement codes p4est, developed by Carsten Burstedde, from Univ. of Bonn, Germany and Peano, developed by Tobias Weinzierl and collaborators at the TU Munich, also in Germany.
  • The fast, distributed version control system Git and an online Git repository GitHub.

You can find a more complete summary of HPC3 2012 on Randy LeVeque's Blog.

Pictures from Kaust

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is located on the Red Sea, about 1 hour north of Jeddah.

The Kaust Beacon, on the Red Sea

Campus at night

Student dormitories

View from out in the harbor

Library and faculty offices and classrooms

Visiting dignitaries

The Math and Compuatational Sciences building, named after the Arabic mathematician from who we get the word "algorithm"

A tile display in the Visualization Center

Fish dinner in Thuwal, the nearest town. Those seated, in no particular order, include R. J. LeVeque (Clawpack and PyClaw), David Keyes (Kaust), David Ketchesen (HPC3 organizer), Carsten Burstedde (p4est), Hans Petter Langtangen (FENicS)

Sailing possibilities on the Kaust beach

Mosque on campus. Calls to prayer were announced five times a day from these minarets.

Carpet inside the campus mosque

Mosque on campus

Mosque on campus

View of the Mosque from the canal that cuts through campus

Student housing

Canal front student housing

Looking across towards the Kaust Inn

Dining at the Yacht Club on the harbor. No, Kaust faculty are not given yachts. In fact, even if they owned them, they are not allowed to keep them in the harbor.

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