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GEMRES is a virtual network of computational scientists, mathematicians, engineers and scientists dedicated to promoting collaboration in computational research, modeling and simulation at Boise State University and other research institutions in Idaho. Our primary focus is on fostering applied academic research in computational science and providing links to the larger cyberinfrastructure available to academic researchers at BSU and in Idaho.

News and special announcements

  • (5/17/2016) Boise State XSEDE Workshop, July 18-20. Do you want to find out more using NSF Supercomputing facilities? Please consider attending the NSF XSEDE Workshop, hosted by NSF this summer at Boise State. (For more details, see this link)
  • (5/12/2016) National Academy offers Guidance to NSF on Computing Priorities Are you applying for NSF funding for cyber-infrastructure related grants? You might find this newly released report to the NSF of interest. (For more details, see National Academy article (May, 2016) under Reports, white papers, articles and presentations)
  • (2/11/2016) Research Computing Days, 2/16-17 (Tues. and Wed), 10-1PM The BSU Office of Research Computing is hosting a two-day visit of representatives from NSF XSEDE Centers. (For more details, please see Research Computing Days)
  • (1/15/2016) Applied Math Seminar, Tues. 3PM The Mathematics Department will be hosting a new weekly Applied Mathematics Seminar. This seminar, which students can take for credit, will meet each week to discuss a variety of topics related applied and computational mathematics. We have several speakers lined up, and several faculty have volunteered to lead discussions on journal articles. (See Seminars for more details)
  • (12/6/2015) Computational Physics Student Summer Workshop. Los Alamos National Laboratory is sponsoring a summer workshop in computatonal physics. Deadline for submission of an application is January 25, 2016. (For more details, please see Comp. Physics Workshop)
  • (11/20/2015) BSU PhD in Computing, Discussion with Faculty and Staff participants, December 7th, 10:30-noon, ERB 1127. A proposal for a PhD in Computing at BSU is being put together to present to the Idaho State Board of Education. This PhD program will allow Computer Science, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering and several other departments on campus to advise and grant Phd degrees to students. External reviewers are coming on campus December 7th to review the proposed program. All interested faculty should attend the Discussion with Faculty and Staff participants, 10:30-noon, ERB 1127. (For more details, please see the Dec. 7-8th agenda)

    Archive news

    Colloquium Series on Computational Science

    This series, held on the BSU campus, and organized by the BSU Mathematics Department, aims to provide regular opportunity for researchers in computational science, numerical analysis and applied mathematics to share their work. If you are interested in participating as a speaker, please contact us.

    Upcoming talks, Spring 2016

    • Wednesday, May 18, 10:30AM (Education Building, Room 220): Heather Wilber (BSU Dept. of Mathematics) will defend her Master's Thesis "Numerical computing with functions on the sphere and disk" (abstract)
    • Thursday February 4, 3PM (ILC 302): Alex Townsend from MIT will speak in the Mathematics Colloquim on "Continuous analogues of matrix factorizations" (abstract)

    Archived talks

    Seminars and workshops

    Below is a list of workshops, seminars, and talks taking place on the BSU campus that might also be of interest to the computational science community.

    Regular Seminars, Spring 2016

    Archived seminars and workshops

    Computational resources

    One of the key goals of GEMRES is to disseminate information on the computational resources available to researchers in Idaho and neighboring states. The people involved in GEMRES represent a wide variety of expertise in high-performance computing on hybrid clusters and super-computers, GPU computing, knowledge of numerical methods and application areas. We encourage partners to exchange information about their computational efforts.

    Computational Resources in Idaho

    • Computing at Idaho National Laboratory
      • Center for Advanced Modeling and Simulation ( CAMS).
    • Idaho Regional Optical Network (IRON)

    Resouces beyond Idaho

    • Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE)
    • Open Science Grid (OSG)

    Organizations and institutions in Idaho

    Below is a list of organizations and instituions whose members are numerical analysts, mathematicians, engineers and scientists who use computational methods to advance research in their fields.


    Government Research

    • Idaho National Laboratory
      • Idaho National Laboratory Facebook Page (INL on Facebook)
      • Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES)


    If you would like to be a part of GEMRES, please contact us.

    Funding sources and institutions

    • DOE Computational Science Graduate Student Fellowship (CSGF)
    • DOE Program on Scientific Discovery Through Advanced Comptuting (SciDAC)
    • NSF Office of Cyberinfrastructure (OCI)

    Computational science education

    What is Computational Science?

    What is Cyberinfrastructure?

    Cyberinfrastructure in the United States

    GEMRES aspires to be seen as part of the much larger community dedicated to promoting and advancing existing cyberinfrastructure in Idaho. Cyberinfrastructure refers to the collection of high speed networks, large scale data management and visualization tools, and high performance computing available to a community. This infrastructure is typically promoted through state and national centers. Below are some links to nationwide sites that make use of this extended notion of cyberinfrastructure.

    eScience worldwide

    Europe has established many eScience (as cyberinfracstructure is more commonly known there) centers to promote computation-based discovery.

    What is eScience?

    Reports, white papers, articles and presentations

    GEMRES Mailing List

    If you would like to be included in the GEMRES mailing list, please e-mail us.

    GEMRES Organizers

    Why the name GEMRES?

    Idaho is the Gem State, and we liked the obvious word play with the name of the well-known GMRES algorithm for solving linear systems.

    Starting from the panhandle, and working towards Utah, our logo shows the locations of University of Idaho (Moscow), Boise State University (Boise), Idaho National Labs (Idaho Falls), and Idaho State University (Pocatello).

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